Monday, November 4, 2013

Inexpensive exfoliator: Face Towels

It's been a while since I've truly blog.  My blogging mojo is still off, but hopefully things will get back in a swing in a bit.

My skin hasn't been all that good since earlier this year, and it does annoy the heck out of me.   The cheeks area were flaky and yet, pimples still occasionally pop out around my t-zone and  lower chin area.  I was at a loss to what to do.  

I came across Paris B's entry on the use of face towel and it reminded me of the time I was using face towel back in the heyday (think primary and high school times).  I didn't put much mind to it though.  Nonetheless, a couple of weeks ago, I was just telling  my aunt that my skin was getting crankier of late and she suggested to use face towel as well.  I guess no harm giving it a try right?   So off I went to dig through my cupboard to look for those few face towels that I knew were lying around somewhere.
(Pictures from Indiamart)

Well, it's been a week since I started using it and I could already see a difference.  It's not miraculous, but I could see that my skin is much clearer and it isn't as flaky.  I also notice that the blackheads on my nose area were reduced too.  I find that overall, there's this clarity to my skin and it doesn't look as dull too.  I believe that the gentle exfoliation through the use of face towels allowed my skin to better absorb my serums and moisturisers and thus, giving the face what it needs to be better.  What a change a simple routine could do to one's face!  I'm impressed and I guess, age long method does work wonders.  

How to use?

At the start, I used the face towel to gently wipe my face twice a day (morning and evening during shower times).   During the evening shower, I would place more emphasis around my nose and the side of my mouth to try to exfoliate the blackheads (it works).  As my cheeks were flaky, I would also wipe it, but upwards, so that I don't pull my skin down.

After a few days, I've now moved on to pat my face with the face towel during the morning and do the wiping motion in the evening.  Don't be harsh when you're doing the wiping motion.  Just lightly wipe all over your face one time (don't go back and wipe the same spot a few times) and then rinse it and wipe to dry the second time.

Frequency of change

I don't have a lot of face towels at home (trying to remedy it) so what I do is to use the towels for two days and wash it.  What I do is to really rinse it well after use and hang it near the window so that it can air dry and sun dry for the next use.  I don't recommend using it for more than 2 days.  Then again, this is me and maybe you have other ways (or maybe like Paris B, change on a daily basis?)

I'd recommend you to give it a try =D  It does save you from buying and trying out the variety of exfoliators out there (though, it's no harm using it alongside towel, maybe once a week)